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Interview 1: Concurrences’ Trade associations, lobbyists and competition law
Date and Location: 18 April 2017, Brussels
Speaker: Fiona Carlin

Conference organized by Concurrences Review in partnership with Baker McKenzie, Avisa, Compass Lexecon.

Fiona Carlin – Trade associations, lobbyists and competition law – 18 April 2017 – Brussels from Concurrences on Vimeo.
Fiona speaks about compliance rules and risks around trade associations and lobbying.

Interview 2: Concurrences’ Antitrust in Asia: One size fits all? ASEAN, China, Hong Kong, India
Date and Location: 7 April 2017, Hong Kong
Speaker: Stephen Crosswell

This third edition of the Antitrust in Asia conference was held in Hong Kong on 7 April 2017, jointly organised by Concurrences Review and Chinese University of Hong Kong with the support of Hong Kong Competition Association, ESSEC Singapore and Sorbonne-Assas International Law School.

Stephen Crosswell from Concurrences on Vimeo.
Stephen speaks about competition issues around conglomerates. Are conglomerates more at risk for competition violations and should they be viewed differently to smaller companies by regulators?


Interview 3: Concurrences’ Antitrust Writing Awards
Date and Location: 28 March 2017, Washington, DC
Speaker: Bill Batchelor

The 2017 Antitrust Writing Awards featured an Academic Steering Committee with 23 leading US and EU professors (NYU, Georgetown University, King’s College London, etc.) and a Business Steering Committee with 37 counsels (Microsoft, Bertelsmann, Qualcomm, Google, Intel, American Express, etc.).

Bill Batchelor (Baker McKenzie) from Concurrences on Vimeo.
Bill comments on the highly controversial Dow/Dupont case in which the European Commission used its new approach to deals in R&D intensive sectors – the “innovation harm” theory – for the first time, alleging that a reduction in R&D hubs could be anticompetitive even where there were no overlapping current or pipeline products. Bill comments on the implications of the new theory and contrasts the US more restrictive approach.


Interview 4: Concurrences’ ASEAN Antitrust: The Future of Competition Law and Policy in the ASEAN Countries
Date and Location: 24 April 2015, Singapore

This inaugural conference was held in Singapore, on 23 April 2015, jointly organised by ESSEC Singapore and Sorbonne-Assas International Law School with the support of Concurrences Journal, and discussed the latest antitrust developments in the ASEAN countries.

Ken Chia – Baker & McKenzie Wong & Leow from Concurrences on Vimeo.
Ken Chia speaks on merger control in ASEAN, including current considerations and potential upcoming developments.

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