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An old business lawyer adage says that when the business is slow, it is time for the legislators to enact and update compliance legislation and for the law enforcers to… amuse themselves with revived strength on investigations, prosecutions and deferred prosecution agreements. The economic crisis of the recent years does not make exception to this rule. If we look at EMEA corporate compliance legislation and law enforcement action in the last six years, we will find very few countries that escape this trend. Hence, the idea to put together a handy survey of corporate liability legislation and recent enforcement trends in the EMEA jurisdictions where Baker McKenzie is present. Corporate liability can be established and sanctioned at various levels: criminal, quasi-criminal (administrative) and civil, and be associated or derive from the liability of individuals who have acted in the name or on behalf of the company, or be established as an independent law violation or even as a crime, regardless of the commission of a separate crime by the individual. In the survey, you will find the description of the nature of this liability, the consequences of the breach by the company of the relevant law provisions, the remedies and the measures that the company can adopt to limit or even exclude such liability. We have also addressed corporate liability in multinational groups and the basis for the extension of the liability to the ultimate parent company. The adoption of adequate measures to prevent corporate liability is becoming more and more of a threat for the reputation, profit and business image of global corporations and, like the development of corporate social responsibility, has progressively become part of the legal and ethical duties that the modern society expects corporations to assume and be accountable for, to the benefit – not only economic – of their stakeholders, customers and employees.

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