In this series of podcasts, our Baker McKenzie speakers explore the challenges and risks encountered by businesses amidst the constantly changing legal and regulatory landscape. We share insights around the various legal and compliance issues which will be illustrated with a factual scenario. The series will include topics relating to fraud, insurance, data privacy and adapting appropriate processes.

Episode 3: Managing communications with authorities

This episode answers key questions around communications with authorities following a fraudulent transaction. Taking into account the civil and common law jurisdictions in Asia Pacific, the speakers talk about who has the legal obligation to report an incident and which regulatory authorities should be contacted.

Speakers: Yoshiaki Muto and Celeste Ang

Episode 2: Analyzing prospects for recovery through insurance or from fraudsters

In episode 2 of our Asia Pacific Risk and Crisis Management podcast series, our speakers discuss options and key steps to take once the money has been transferred from the receiving bank’s account. We discuss key elements required for a successful recovery from fraudsters, from a civil and common law perspective. We also take a look at how we can remedy the situation through insurance.

Speakers: Georgie Farrant and Simon Hui

Episode 1: Managing communications with the bank

In this episode, our speakers outline the critical steps affected parties need to take following a fraudulent transaction. In particular, we discuss ways of effectively communicating with banks to minimize and contain risk exposures upon discovery of fraud. We explore these topics from a civil law and common law perspective.

Speakers: Celeste Ang, Simon Hui and Stephanie Magnus

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