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On June 21, 2019, two ordinances were published by the Ministry of Infrastructure in the Official Gazette of the Union with the approval of Codes of Conduct of the Ministry regarding meetings, hearings and reunions, and participation in events by public agents of the Ministry.

Ordinance No. 2,775 approved the Code of Conduct that establishes procedures and rules of conduct to be observed by the public agents of the Ministry to hold meetings, hearings and reunions with third parties. The approved Code addresses issues such as the handling of confidential documents and information, formalization of requests for meetings and reunions, details of the agenda, and other topics.

Ordinance No. 497 approved the Code of Conduct for the participation of public agents of the Ministry of Infrastructure in events, and deals with issues such as the payment of expenses to be incurred by public agents when participating in external events, and the publicity of acts related to such expenses.

Both Ordinances are complementary to the Code of Professional Ethics of the Public Civil Servant of the Federal Executive Government as well as the Code of Conduct of the Federal High Administration and the Code of Ethics of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Sources: Ordinance No. 497 was published on June 24, 2019 on the Official Gazette of the Union, 119 Edition, Section 1, Page 27.

Ordinance No. 2.775 was also published on June 24, 2019 on the Official Gazette of the Union, 119 Edition, Section 1, Page 28.

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