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Next Step for Myanmar Competition Law: The Competition Commission

Appointment of the Competition Commission The long-awaited Myanmar Competition Commission (Commission) has been appointed. Notification 106/2018 of the Union Government released on 31 October 2018...

Philippine Competition Commission issues Guidelines for Mandatory Notification of Joint Venture Transactions

On 10 September 2018, the Philippine Competition Commission ("PCC") issued its Guidelines on Notification of Joint Ventures ("JV Guidelines") to aid parties in assessing...

Antitrust Regulation and Compliance in Russia – Past and Future

Join us for an international seminar on the recent trends in antitrust regulation and compliance in Russia. Hear the latest antitrust news directly from experts of the Federal...

Egyptian Competition Authority starts intervening in pre-merger transactions

Recent developments Following media reports that two multinational companies were in merger discussions, the Egyptian Competition Authority ("ECA") has told the parties to seek prior...

UK tribunal confirms that online sales bans restrict competition by object

On 7 September 2018 the UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) upheld an infringement decision of the UK Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), confirming that...

Argentina’s President issues regulations for new Antitrust Law

The new law introduces five significant changes that companies should consider while doing business in Argentina.

China to Integrate its Three Antitrust Agencies into a Single Authority

The Chinese government released plans to amalgamate the three agencies currently responsible for antitrust enforcement into a single department

Brief Review of the Newly Revised Chinese Anti-Unfair Competition Law

Since announcing the proposed revision of the AUCL, there have been heated discussions, especially within and amongst intellectual property related industries and professionals.

Indonesian Competition Commission Forced to Announce Shut Down of its Operation

In the last couple of days, we have been seeing extraordinary developments in the long-running process of the appointment of new members of the Indonesian Competition Commission

Australia: ACCC’s Enforcement and Compliance Priorities for 2018

The ACCC has now released its enforcement and compliance priorities for 2018. We have summarized the key highlights.

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