Snapshot: Credit for antitrust compliance programs around the world

 Last week we analyzed the view of US antitrust enforcers on the existence of a compliance program when assessing the punishment for cartel violations....

New Compliance and Disclosure Requirements for China Subsidiaries

In previous years, foreign-invested enterprises (“FIEs”) and their branches in China had the certainty that they would need to undergo the annual inspection filing...

Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: Coming Soon to a Country Regulating You

Disclosure of environmental, human rights and social risks is moving from its home between the glossy pages of voluntary reports into the hard-nosed realm of mandatory legal requirements, as evidenced by recent developments in the European Union and India.

Recent Developments in Chinese International Tax Law

Over the past two months, China produced a wave of interesting developments in international taxation. On June 26, just days before the Foreign Account...

Internal Investigations become more challenging in China: Corporate Investigators convicted by a Chinese Court

On 11 August 2014, a Shanghai Court sentenced two Corporate Investigators to two and a half years imprisonment. Peter Humphrey and his wife, Yu...

The impact of China’s new rules on bribery blacklisting of healthcare companies and ethics...

On 1 March 2014, the Regulations on Establishing a Commercial Bribery Blacklist for the Purchase and Sale of Medicines ("2013 Blacklist Regulations") became...
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