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EU Customs: Implementation of Union Customs Code from 1 May 2016

EU customs legislation is undergoing some significant changes from 1 May 2016 with the implementation of the Union Customs Code (“UCC”). The changes implemented...

Union Customs Code: Guidance issued by the European Commission

Further to our post on (available here) detailing some of the key changes to EU customs legislation taking place under the Union Customs Code...

Branch in Norway? Amendments to the VAT Act

The Norwegian Government proposes amendments in the fiscal representative scheme of registration in the Norwegian VAT Register.

Reflections on the Antitrust Section’s Spring Meeting

The ABA Antitrust Section's Spring Meeting provides an opportunity for review and reflection on recent antitrust developments. We summarize a few that may be of interest.

Enforcement of Azerbaijani Antimonopoly

In Azerbaijan, the Laws on Amendment to the Law on Antimonopoly Activity and on Amendment to the Criminal Code came into force which introduced the concept of cartel agreements into Azerbaijan’s antimonopoly legislation.

What every multinational company should know about the WP29 EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

The Working Party of European Union Data Protection Authorities identified concerns with the Privacy Shield, and recommended clarifications and improvements to the text.

Changes to the statutory limits on detention and exercise of voting rights in credits...

The Portuguese Government expressly stated in its government program the commitment to adopt “initiatives to encourage foreign investment in Portugal".

Compliance Benchmark 2016: Quantifying the Fundamentals

Following our summary in March 2015, we have again summarized the main compliance benchmarking surveys which have been published over the past 12 months and summarized their results.

Publication of the Blue Guide 2016: Implications for online sales and other significant changes

The EU Commission published an updated version of 'The "Blue Guide" on the implementation of EU product rules', the most authoritative EU guidance on the application of product-related directives and regulations to goods destined for the EU market.

Healthcare industry beware: German Bundestag extends corruption legislation to healthcare professionals

Following a decision by the Federal Court of Justice which found that the existing anti-corruption provisions do not apply to independent healthcare professionals, the German Bundestag introduced a new provision which will close this gap.
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