Argentina: New Fair Trade Regulations

Through Resolution No. 248/2019 published today (the "Resolution"), the Secretariat of Commerce regulated certain aspects of the new Fair Trade Decree No. 274/2019, which...

Global Legal Guide for Luxury & Fashion Companies

Despite geopolitical shifts, uncertainty and various factors that seem to affect numerous sectors, the global luxury and fashion industry has tripled in the last...

Argentina: New Fair Trade Regime

The National Government enacted Decree No. 274/2019 (the “Decree”), published today on the Official Gazette, through which Fair Trade Law No. 22,802 was derogated...

Argentina: National Anti-Corruption Plan

On April 10, 2019, Decree No. 258/2019 (the "Decree") was published in the Official Gazette. The Decree approved the "National Anticorruption Plan (2019-2023)" (the...

Baker McKenzie Latin America Antitrust & Competition Handbook

Antitrust law in Latin America is evolving. Stronger cooperation among regulators and the growing influence of the OECD — to which Brazil, Chile, Colombia...

Argentina: Guidelines for the Implementation of Compliance programs issued by the Anti-corruption Office

Argentina | October 6 2018The Anticorruption Office Resolution 27/2018 (the "Resolution") published yesterday, in the Official Gazette contains guidelines for companies to adapt their...

Argentina’s President issues regulations for new Antitrust Law

The new law introduces five significant changes that companies should consider while doing business in Argentina.

Argentina: New Law on Corporate Criminal Liability approved

Since 2 March 2018, corporate criminal liability law (Law 27,401) is in force. Legal entities will be subject to sanctions in these offenses against the Public Administration and/or corruption: (i) national and transnational bribery and influence peddling; (ii) improper and unlawful transactions of public officials; (iii) illegal exaction committed by a public official; (iv) illicit enrichment of public officials and employees; and (v) forgery of balance sheets and reports to conceal a corruption offense.

Baker McKenzie releases Global Corporate Liability Handbook

Building on the success of 2016’s “EMEA Corporate Liability Handbook,” we are pleased to present you with the first global edition that collates and describes in detail the corporate liability and corporate crime regimes of countries in Asia, EMEA and the Americas.

Argentina: New Law on Corporate Criminal Liability

The new Law on Corporate Criminal Liability for corruption offences is approved and now companies should take the appropriate measures in order to prevent and detect possible corruption crimes committed in their workplace.

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