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Pollution Prevention Plans Coming For Triclosan

Environment Canada has published its proposed risk management measures for embattled Triclosan

Canada: If They Say So- New Restrictions on the Transfer of “Hazardous” Recycling

Canada has amended its Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations which define and regulate wastes and recyclable materials which are deemed “Hazardous” under the Export Regulations.

Canada HFC Reporting By August 10th

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change has finally set proceeded with new regulation of hydrofluorocarbons

Pollution Prevention Plans Due for Halocarbons in Canada

The Minister of Environment published a Notice Requiring the Preparation and Implementation of Pollution Prevention Plans in Respect of Halocarbons Used as a Refrigerant.

Global Human Rights Compliance & Litigation Update

Hudbay Minerals Inc. lawsuit receives International media coverage.

Canada Bans Lithium Ion Batteries as Cargo on Passenger Aircraft

Most of us carry lithium batteries in our cell phones. So it’s not immediately obvious that lithium batteries are classed as dangerous goods in the transportation context.

Council held liable for clean up costs of 100 year old ‘abandoned’ contamination

Be careful when you purchase land you know to be contaminated and be careful when you sell land without remediating known contamination first;

Queensland Bill proposes to extend clean up liability to broad range of ‘related persons’

The Queensland government has responded to increasing public focus on the risk to the State of insolvent companies failing to meet environmental compliance obligations by the rapid introduction of proposed changes to the State's environmental laws.

Ban the Bead! Environment Canada to Exfoliate the Microbead

In another example of collaboration between the United States and Canada on environmental product matters, Environment Canada has recently released a consultation paper in respect of its proposed regulations to ban the use of microbeads in personal care products.

Too Little But Not Too Late – Nanomaterial Reporting Deadline in Canada

Canada's Chemical Management Plan (the "CMP") continues to expand the scope of its investigation into substances already in commercial use in Canada. The newest target for CMP scrutiny and industry reporting are nanomaterials - substances that are manufactured and/or have internal or surface structures measured in nanometers.

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