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Algeria: New Code of Public Tenders

The new Code of Public Tenders, which had been approved on 22 July 2015 by the Council of Ministers, has finally been published in the Algerian Official Journal dated 20 September 2015 and will become effective three months after the date of publication, i.e. on 20 December 2015.

US-China Meetings a Positive Step in Cybersecurity Arena

The White House issued a “Fact Sheet” summarizing the outcome of the meetings between President Xi and President Obama with respect to areas in which the United States and Chinese governments agreed “to work together to constructively manage our differences” and decided “to expand and deepen cooperation.”

Brazilian Government Issues Compliance Program Guidelines

The Office of the Comptroller General issued guidance entitled Compliance Programs – Guidelines for Private Companies clarifying the elements of compliance programs set forth in the Clean Companies Act and further regulated by Decree 8.420/2015.

SFO Enforcement Has The Tanker Turned?

Charles Thomson and Henry Garfield of Baker & McKenzie LLP look at the Serious Fraud Office’s recent performance and developments in the internal and external environment in which it operates.

Canada: Judicial Recognition Of Risk Assessment, R. v. Michaud

The Ontario Court of Appeal has recently released its decision in R. v. Michaud, 2015 ONCA 585 . This decision is of importance as the Court's endorsement of the hybrid model of ex ante / ex post legislation has the effect of recognizing the role of risk assessment as a legal necessity.

Investment Adviser Sanctioned By SEC for Failing to Implement Effective Cybersecurity Policies

The SEC's ongoing battle against cybersecurity issues continued this week. On September 22, 2015, the SEC sanctioned registered investment adviser R.T. Jones Capital Equities Management, Inc. for failing to adopt written policies and procedures reasonably designed to safeguard consumer information in violation of the SEC's Safeguards Rule (Rule 30(a) of Regulation S-P).

Singapore Export Controls Updates: Strategic Goods (Control) Order 2015

A new Strategic Goods (Control) Order 2015 (“SGCO 2015”) will replace the current SGCO 2013 with effect from 2 November 2015. According to Singapore Customs, the SGCO 2015 brings Singapore’s strategic goods control list up to date with the 2014 Wassenaar Arrangement Munitions List and the 2014 European Union’s List of Dual-Use Items.

Anti-Money Laundering in Kuwait

Money laundering is often viewed as a victimless crime but the truth of the matter is that it is a very important cog to the machinery funding organized crime and terrorism across the globe. Learn how Kuwait is tackling the AML challenge.

Effects of Martial Law Regime on Employers in Ukraine

Recently, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted Resolution No. 544 "On Approval of the Plan to Introduce and Enforce Martial Law in Ukraine or in its Certain Territories". What effect does the introduction of martial law have on employers in Ukraine?

Indonesian Supreme Court Revokes Solar Power Regulation

On 30 June 2014, the Supreme Court issued a decision which requires the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources to revoke MEMR Regulation No. 17 of 2013 on Purchase of Power by PLN from Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants.

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