In this series of short conversations, our Global Compliance & Investigations team connects with senior ethics and compliance experts to discuss a wide range of topics, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent events on their professional and personal lives, how they’ve adapted to COVID-19, the measures taken by their organization and what the future may hold for the compliance community. The first series features our co-chair of Global Compliance & Investigations, Joanna Ludlam, as she speaks with key industry compliance, ethics and integrity experts.

Episode 3 : Conversation with Cindy Terme, Salesforce

Jo Ludlam speaks to Cindy Terme, EMEA/UK/I head of Global Ethics & Integrity at Salesforce, about the importance of listening, communication and making personal connections during COVID-19 as well as the power of innovation, creativity and collaboration within compliance teams.


Episode 2: Conversation with Mary Dontzin, Nokia

Jo Ludlam speaks to Mary Dontzin, head of Business Integrity at Nokia, about key challenges and solutions for compliance teams during COVID-19 as well as the increasing reliance on technology, including identifying new risks and mitigating them.


Episode 1: Conversation with Claire Handley, JLL

Jo Ludlam speaks to Claire Handley, chief ethics and compliance officer at JLL, about how working from home and the impact of COVID-19 have brought both challenges and opportunities for the compliance function, and together they explore the heightened interconnection of privacy, health and safety and compliance.

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