Dawn raids are the most intrusive and disruptive tool that an antitrust authority has at its disposal. They can be launched by antitrust agencies in countries all over the world and on companies of any size. In Asia Pacific, the number of dawn raids conducted has steadily increased over the past five years.

We know it’s easy to forget your training when government officials turn up without any notice, looking for people and information.

If that day should come, Baker McKenzie’s Asia Pacific Antitrust Dawn Raid mobile app gets to the point fast.

This app’s features include:

  1. Coverage of 11 jurisdictions in Asia Pacific
  2. Easy navigation directs users to the correct country checklist
  3. Intuitive and easy-to-follow instructions on what to do at every step
  4. Prompts users to take photos of the search warrant and send it to a lawyer
  5. One-tap contact with a Baker & McKenzie antitrust lawyer for real-time support

Click here to download the app on the App Store.

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