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ITC Team: Number One in IT, Internet and Data Protection – Chambers Global & Legal 500 2020

We assist you in contractual, regulatory and litigation matters, in your innovative, complex and often international projects, digital transformation, electronic communication, personal data and cybersecurity.

Our team offers you a series of tips and tricks under fact sheets format in the areas of cyber surveillance, data protection (GDPR / ePrivacy), IT contract negotiation, E-commerce platforms and Tech investments.

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Teleworking and cyber monitoring of employees

With the increase of teleworking, many employers are implementing cyber-monitoring measures for employees working from home. Data loss prevention software, recording of video-conferences, checking the history of websites visited: here are a few “tips and tricks” before getting started.


Cybersecurity: How to react in case of data breach?

Pandemic and home office can be synonymous of reduced vigilance or of a lack of organisation. The risks of data breaches increase accordingly. We remind you of some good reflexes to have.


Data Protection (GDPR / ePrivacy)


Data Privacy

GDPR – Top Three Priorities

The current pandemic may be an opportunity to strengthen privacy initiatives. Our ITC team reveals the top 3 priorities of our “GDPR Survey – Benefits Beyond Compliance”, published in partnership with BearingPoint, and how they fit into the current situation.

For more insight, read our full GDPR Survey: Benefits Beyond Compliance.


E-commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Platforms

Compliance of your e-commerce platform: Decryption

Timeline – Every week, find our tips and practical information.

Episode One: Main mandatory legal mentions of your e-commerce platform. 


Episode Two: How to define the applicable law to your e-commerce platform?

IT Contract Negotiation

IT Contract Negotiation

Episode One: How do you negotiate… the change-of-service clause in a SaaS contract?

In SaaS (“software-as-service”) contracts, the change of service clause is often the subject of a long discussion…customers want a guarantee that the changes will not negatively impact the services they receive, while the provider wants to retain full discretion over its editorial policy.


Episode Two: How to negotiate… Security clauses in IT contracts?

In IT contracts, security clauses are often the subject of a long discussion… each party wants to impose its own security standards.


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