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The fifth and final part of our Client Briefing series shows what is and has to be done to make the digitalization of the energy sector a success story.

“Energy system integration” is one of the key issues when looking at Europe’s future, whereby digitalization is one of the key elements. Digitalizing the energy sector aims to bridge the gap between different sources of energy production as well as between production, storage, transport and consumption. “Smart Grids” shall pave the way of the energy transition. Especially the distribution network is facing a change from “one-way” (only in the direction of the final customer) to “two-way” (in the direction of the final customer and from the final customer back to the network). At the same time, “Smart Meter” not only measure the consumption, but start to control the whole network. Another area of use is the digitalization of the transport sector, e.g. with the introduction of app-controlled charging of electric vehicles; realtime traffic management and by autonomous driving.

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This is part 5 of a five-part Client Briefing series:

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Part 2: Germany: COVID-19 – Update Energy Law – Hydrogen

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