“Implementation Day” of the nuclear agreement with Iran (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or “JCPOA”) and the re-opening of the Iranian market has arrived. As such, there is a high interest on the effect on non-US businesses of US sanctions many of which will remain in force. In response to this, Baker & McKenzie is organizing the Iran Trade Roadshow, a series of seminars in various locations across the globe that will provide an overview of the potential changes to sanctions in relation to the JCPOA. Our panel of speakers include specialists from the US and the EMEA region who will address business opportunities as well as risks presented by these developments. Please register by clicking the button beside your preferred schedule and location. If you have already registered, please disregard this email. Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendance to any of the seminars is free of charge.

Belgium (Brussels)Friday, 11 March register now
France (Paris)Thursday, 10 March register now
Russia (Moscow)Thursday, 24 March register now
South Africa (Johannesburg)week of 14 May 2016 register now
Spain (Barcelona)Wednesday, 9 March register now
Spain (Madrid)Tuesday, 8 March register now
Switzerland (Geneva)Wednesday, 2 March register now
Turkey (Istanbul)Friday, 4 March register now
United Kingdom (London)Tuesday, 1 March register now

One-to-one meetings Our practitioners will be available for one-to-one meetings to discuss specific issues you may have. Please indicate if you wish to set up a personal appointment as the number of meetings will be limited. For more immediate information or questions, please contact Meryll Sarco. For more updates, please visit our website: www.bakermckenzie.com/irantraderoadshow

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