The DOJ issued a Pilot Program1 that provides its latest answer to a critical question in FCPA practice: What benefits does a company receive for self-reporting potential FCPA violations?

Members of the IT/C Group of the German Offices of Baker & McKenzie have contributed to the recently published legal commentary on the German Telecommunications Act (Telekommunikationsgesetz – Kommentar, Erich Schmidt Publ., Berlin 2015). [row][third_paragraph]TKG[/third_paragraph][paragraph_right] This treatise, which is co-edited by Joachim Scherer (Baker & McKenzie Frankfurt), analyzes the German Telecommunications Act which has been substantially amended following the European Commission’s “Telecommunications Review”. The treatise is a valuable tool for in-house counsel and compliance officers of companies that are subject to telecoms laws and, in particular, to the sector-specific data protection provisions of the Telecommunications Act. The new edition reflects recent developments, which include provisions on “net neutrality”, the proposed German Act on Telecommunications Data Retention, and the new IT Security Act governing cybersecurity. This treatise comprises contributions from a broad range of telecommunications and data privacy experts. Authors include Baker & McKenzie lawyers Axel Hamm, Caroline Heinickel, Nicolas Kredel, Holger Lutz, Joachim Scherer and Matthias Scholz. The commentary is available at [/paragraph_right][/row]

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