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Trust matters today more than ever before. In the era of fake news, online animus and political polarization, trust is the lens through which people make decisions about what they believe in and value. There is also an undeniable link between trust and sustainable commercial success — the most trusted organizations experience better financial performance, build loyal customer bases, and have more reliable workforces. Against this backdrop, society is demanding more from corporations, leaders and investors on critical issues such as the climate emergency and rising global inequality.

This series of articles will explore the evolving Trust Continuum and how organizations can meet new expectations in the era of stakeholder capitalism — not only of their shareholders and investors but all stakeholders — by building long-term trust based on purposeful, transparent and consistent actions and interactions.

COVID-19: Practical Considerations for Boards – VUCA Times with an Additional C

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, companies, governments and society at large are living through unprecedented times. This article examines how boards’ responsibility to exercise their oversight role is more critical now than ever and could define the longer term sustainability of their companies in the eyes of their investors and how trusted they are as employers, business partners and members of the communities they operate in.

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The Evolution of Trust in the Era of Stakeholder Capitalism

This article looks at how efforts to build trust have continued, but the challenge today is greater and more complex as companies try to respond to the new demands of a complex ecosystem of customers, employees, shareholders, regulators and society at large, as well as external challenges including climate change and the ever changing political landscape.

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