The following topics are included in the Ukrainian State Anti-Corruption Policy (National Anti-Corruption Strategy) for the yeards to come:

  1. The anti-corruption body will prepare and present annual reports on the state of the fight against corruption to the Parliament and conduct the public education campaign to eradicate tolerance towards corruption, including commercial bribery.
  2. Rules for financing of political parties and of the election campaigns to all councils and for the post of the President will be unified. Disclosure of all campaign donations and of expenses and revenues of the political parties will be required, financial reports of parties will be subject to periodic and pre-election audits by certified independent auditors.
  3. Statute on lobbying will introduce the legitimate methods of lobbying and sanctions for violations, and require disclosure of whose interests are being lobbied.
  4. Tests of integrity of government officials will be allowed. They will not be viewed as provocation of bribery (and thus may be a ground for criminal prosecution) where the official had pre-existing intention to give or accept illegal benefit.
  5. Whistleblowers will be encouraged to report acts of corruption, protected from persecution and reworded for their tips. Implementation of whistleblower hotlines and of anti-corruption action plans will be required of legal entities and state bodies.
  6. Companies and/or officers convicted of corruption will be disbarred from public tenders and access to public finances.