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COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic in the U.S. on March 13. Yet, even now, as we are over six months into the crisis, employers still continue to face challenges when navigating the sometimes daily changes in health and safety orders, updates from federal agencies, court decisions, and the proliferation of lawsuits.

Some of the key decision points for many employers include when to reopen, what should drive that decision, the legal risk of getting it wrong, and how to mitigate that risk. Unlike retailers and restaurants, companies in the financial industry have largely avoided shutting down operations. However, that does not mean they have fully reopened.

Where does the financial industry stand in its reopening? What should financial services companies be concerned about in terms of COVID-19-related guidance and recommendations and legal claims by employees? How can companies mitigate these claims? What are specific COVID-19-related compliance issues unique to investment advisers and broker-dealers?

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Original article published in Law360

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