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Welcome to Baker McKenzie’s new Labor and Employment video chat series for US employers. Our lawyers will provide quick, practical tips on today’s most pressing issues for US employers navigating the new normal.  The videos complement our blog, The Employer Report, which provides written legal updates and practical insights about the latest labor and employment issues affecting US multinationals, at both the domestic and global level.

Please click below to watch the video chats and be sure to let us know if there are additional topics you’d like us to address.

Speaker: Susan Eandi

Speakers: Melissa AllchinRobin Samuel, and Harry Valetk

Speakers:  Susan EandiEmily HarbisonKrissy Katzenstein

Speakers: William DuganRobin SamuelGoli Rahimi

Speakers: Michael BrewerTeresa Michaud

Speakers: Paul EvansBlair Robinson and Autumn Sharp.

Speakers: Elizabeth EbersoleCaroline Pham and Robin Samuel.

Speakers: Susan EandiEmily Harbison and Robin Samuel.

Speakers: Anna Brown, Susan Eandi and Emily Harbison.

Speakers: Caroline BurnettLara GrinesBlair Robinson, Autumn Sharp, Jeff Sturgeon.

Speakers: Caroline BurnettLara GrinesBlair Robinson, Autumn Sharp, Jeff Sturgeon.

If you’re looking for guidance related to the pandemic, please check out the below Reopening Playbook video chat series. It covers practical topics like masks in the workplace, expense reimbursement requirements, employee testing and screening and much more.

Reopening Playbook Video Chat Series

Speakers: Elizabeth EbersolePaul EvansRobin Samuel.

Speakers: Susan EandiPaul EvansEmily Harbison

Speakers: Emily HarbisonMichael BrewerRobin Samuel

Speakers: Susan EandiEmily HarbisonRobin Samuel

Speakers: Emily HarbisonPaul Evans , William Dugan

Speakers: Michael BrewerBillie Wenter

Speakers: Michael BrewerSusan EandiEmily Harbison

Speakers: Bradford NewmanJoseph DengBillie WenterRobin Samuel

Speakers: Susan EandiChristopher GuldbergBetsy MorganGrant Uhler

Speakers: Paul EvansRobin SamuelBillie Wenter

Speakers: Michael BrewerEmily HarbisonMichael Leggieri

Speakers: Michael BrewerPaul EvansJeffrey SturgeonBillie Wenter

Speakers: Anne BatterEmily HarbisonBenjamin Ho

Speakers: Michael BrewerJoe DengSusan Eandi

Speakers: Michael LeggieriTeresa MichaudBillie Wenter

Speakers: Paul EvansEmily HarbisonJeffrey Sturgeon

Speakers: William DuganEmily HarbisonBrian Hengesbaugh

Speakers: Susan EandiBenjamin HoChristopher GuldbergArthur Rooney

Speakers: Melissa AllchinWilliam DuganBetsy Morgan

Speakers: Joseph DengRobin Samuel

Speakers: Michael BrewerMark GoodmanTeresa Michaud

Speakers: Susan EandiPaul EvansEmily Harbison

Speakers: Christopher GuldbergBenjamin Ho

Speakers: Michael BrewerTeresa Michaud

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