Since 2014, Ukraine has significantly enhanced its anti-corruption and trade sanctions legislation and enforcement practices to align with US and EU standards. Now companies face the risk of criminal liability for corruption-related actions of their employees and full suspension of all operations in Ukraine for violating trade sanctions and restrictions, including trade restrictions introduced in relation to Russia and the Crimea.

To address new compliance risks, multinational companies with operations in Ukraine need to implement and enforce new compliance policies, and revise and audit their business practices in interactions with customers, distributors, agents and government authorities.

The webinar is scheduled to run for approximately 90 minutes and will cover:

•   Risks of the Ukrainian business environment in the past and now
• Ensuring your anti-corruption, ethics and other policies are enforceable in Ukraine
• Investigating and terminating your staff for non-compliance in a compliant way

• Update on Ukrainian Sanctions and Trade Restrictions against Russia
• Update on restrictions on operations in the Crimea and Occupied Territories in the East of Ukraine
• Risks for multinational companies doing business in Ukraine and Russia
• How to ensure compliance through your distribution chain in Ukraine and Russia
• What steps should be taken to prevent and mitigate potential risks and liability